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Audition Information

Matilda & The Prom

October 16 & 18

  • Your Audition will be accompanied by our pianist

  • You may be asked to check your vocal range

  • You are asked to learn from the provided selections

    • Dance Auditions will be held Friday Oct 20 at 2 different times 7:00pm & 8:30pm    You will only be attending one of the times. Location will be 2224-14th Avenue

General Rehearsal & Participation Information!
  • We welcome auditions for Singers, Dancers & Actors

  • We offer participation in  Sterling Voices for those that wish to ONLY sing the show.

    • This unique group attends music rehearsals only and sing in a "backstage" location during the actual production​

  • We invite Dancers to attend auditions indicating their wish to be part of the Dance Corp/Group​

  • Company Members MUST be in Grade 12 or 18 Years of Age or older

  • Rehearsals are (usually) held 7:00 - 10:00 pm

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday​

  • Rehearsals are held at Sterling Studios - 2224 14th Avenue

  • All Cast and Crew will be asked to sign a Participation Contract

  • All Cast will be asked to provide a Criminal Records Check

  • Cast may be asked to provide parts of their costume(s)

Audition Information
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